Saturday, April 16, 2011

A copy of a letter to CJ

This is a verbatim copy of a letter
sent to the Honorable Chief Justice
this morning,
duly received by his Personal Secretary.
Note :
Personal Secretary of the CJ,
not coursed through the ordinary mill of correspondences.

12 April 2011

The Honorable
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of the Philippines
Padre Faura Str, Malate
M a n i l a

Dear Chief Justice Corona :

I have the honor to provide you a copy of Intracorporate Case No. 11125320 dated and received on 11 March 2011 by and which remains pending disposition with Branch 24 of the Regional Trial Court of the City of Manila, entitled: Edison C Chan, et al v Francisco Guevarra, et al.

The instant case (a copy is hereto attached for your ease of reference) involves the plaintiffs’ petition to nullify the election of officers of the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades Inc held 24 February 2011, further restraining the defendants, led by Lily C Uy, from succeeding and assuming office for violating the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

We have been informed that these defendants are scheduled to “re-take” their oath before the Secretary of the Interior and assume office on 30 April 2011 at a Pasay City-based restaurant.  Defendants, led by Lily C Uy and a certain Marietta Ang, misled The Honorable Chief Justice and made you believe that they have a legitimate claim to the leadership of the Association.  In fact, they have concealed a material and relevant fact that their election and qualification to office is being questioned before a competent court of law and justice. 

They have totally disregarded the rule of equity and the principle of subjudice. With their impudence, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines should perforce hold in abeyance, any and all forms of recognition or acknowledgment of their assumption to office, pending full and final disposition of the legal dispute that is pending before Branch 24 of the Regional Trial Court of Manila.  In this manner, the contending parties are provided sufficient leeway to ventilate and substantiate their respective legal positions before the court.

Sir, defendants pontificate their having taken their oaths of office before the Chief Justice last 01 April 2011, derisively an April Fools’ Day, at the Manila Hotel. Defendants have succeeded to make the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – a laughing stock of the Filipino-Chinese Community. A news-photo release is hereto attached for Your Honor’s reference. In fact, they invited the Honorable Secretary of the Interior to administer the same oath. Would not the procedure be a mere redundancy and reduce their “induction ceremony” as a farce and make our government officials participate in a theatrical circus?   

I make this appeal to Your Honor’s prudence, sound discretion and good judgment to allow the wheels of justice, law and order to grind and prevail.  Until RTC Branch 24 of Manila and all our courts of law has handed down a final decision on the legal dispute involving defendants’ election and qualification to office, I trust that the Supreme Court of the Philippines shall withhold acknowledging defendants’ claim to legitimacy.  Sincere gratitude is extended for Your Honor’s kind and generous consideration. Semper Paratus!

With assurances of my highest esteem.

Truly yours,


  1. naku ahia bakit mo pa na post yan baka mabasa ng grupong FFG d na sila makakain at makapag enjoy ng holy week. at pag nlaman ng dalawang itlog lang na omad n geetah-e pagpawisan na naman sila para humanap ng tulong kung papano nila sasanggahin yan sulat. bwa hahaha

  2. Wowoweee mga badinski...Grabeee na to ah

  3. good pm ahia hitler nakita mb yon dalawang badinski omad n geetah-e saan? hehehehe

  4. tanong ko lang... sino po nag sign?
    may recieve copy ba?

  5. secret po kung sino ang nagsign. malalaman na lang nila. at opo, may received copy po ng personal secretary mismo ni CJ. Malamang sa malamang, nabasa na ni CJ ngayon yun.